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Home Arrival and Departure Services

Don't waste your precious first and last days on the island opening up and closing down your property.  West Maui Property Services will take care of everything by following a custom checklist, approved by you, so everything is done exactly the way you like it.

Sample Arrival Services

  • Air conditioning temp set

  • Water turned on, checked & circulated

  • Reset refrigerator and turn on ice maker

  • Hot water heater set to appropriate temperature

  • Groceries purchased and put away

  • House Cleaning arranged

  • Window Cleaning arranged

  • Plug in garage door opener and other unplugged appliances

  • Reset clocks

  • Verify internet and television services are operational

  • Patio/Deck furniture and cushions placed

  • Blinds and shades opened

Sample Departure Services

  • All doors, windows and gates locked as specified

  • Close blinds and shades

  • Remove perishable food, turn off ice maker

  • Remove trash and place/retrieve bins for pickup

  • Water heater temperature set

  • Deck chairs and/or cushions stored

  • Unplug unnecessary appliances if desired

  • Heat/air conditioning set to appropriate level

  • House Cleaning arranged

  • Automobiles cleaned, detailed and fueled with fuel stabilizer added

Other Services We Offer

  • Receive delivery of furniture and/or large appliances

  • ​Address home warranty, insurance and/or HOA claims for homeowners

  • Water specified indoor or outdoor plants

  • Collect mail from the street mailbox and forward as requested

  • Shipping and receiving services

  • Housecleaning services

  • Admit your contractors/vendors for home repair projects

  • Package Receipt

  • Almost anything else you desire!

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
West Maui Property Services
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