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Home Watch

Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Monitoring Available

While away from your home, do you wonder about its condition?  Has the A/C quit working allowing humid, stagnant air to grow mold? Have pests found their way inside your house, or has a pipe burst, flooding your home undetected?


These are a few of the countless things that can go terribly wrong with your home, and if left undetected, can be catastrophic. We have an extensive Home Watch checklist to visually inspect the integrity of your home for obvious or potential problems. We use state-of-the-art home watch technology that notifies you when we have entered your home and sends you a detailed report complete with pictures once our inspection is complete. We also inspect any vendor work performed on your property, such as landscaping, pool maintenance and house cleaning. We are your eyes and ears while you are away to ensure work is being completed to the highest standards. In addition, we maintain a list of pre-screened vendors who are licensed, insured and guaranteed should you need a referral.

Every inspection includes up to 30 minutes of handyman service to correct problems on the spot at no additional charge.

Standard Exterior Checklist

  • Walk the perimeter and check the overall integrity of the home

  • Check landscaping for potential problems and to verify landscapers are performing as expected

  • Check windows screens and doors for any damage or signs of intrusion

  • Remove mail from the mailbox and bring inside

  • Remove newspapers, flyers and packages from the front door area

  • Examine gutters and downspouts for damage

  • Check exterior walls and trim for visible signs of maintenance issues

  • Check the pool and spa to verify services are being performed as expected and debris free

  • Check garage and lanai areas

  • Check gates, locks, and security system

  • Check for storm damage

  • Pick up trash and small debris in yard

  • Check exterior lights, replace bulbs when necessary

  • Visually check for any insect or pest intrusion

  • Check decks for water ponding and dry rot

  • Check the main water valve is turned off after each inspection

Standard Interior Checklist

  • Check for windows, ceilings, floors, walls, around toilets, under sinks, around hot water heaters and water softeners for leaks and/or stains

  • Check for signs of insect, animal, and vermin intrusion

  • Check windows for signs of mold and verify they are locked

  • Check circuit breakers and reset if necessary

  • Check refrigerator and freezer, adjust settings accordingly

  • Check for any unusual odors

  • Turn on lights throughout the house during each visit and replace bulbs as needed. (Where accessible)

  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors and reset clocks as needed

  • Check that internet and television services are operational and that remotes are working

  • Check the thermostats are operating the A/C correctly

  • Check for signs of mildew and mold

  • Operate all faucets and flush toilets to eliminate stagnate water and fill traps

  • Operate dishwasher, garbage disposal and washing machine to prevent seals from drying out

  • Run water to sink, tub, and shower drain traps to prevent odor

  • Check that security system is functioning properly and arm system upon departure

Standard Storm Services

  • Verify the property is secure for a storm and provide pre-storm consultation if needed

  • Post-storm inspection and report

  • Post-storm action (emergency repairs may be required to prevent further damage)


Need More?

  • We can change air handler filters, respond to alarm events and emergency situations

  • Run automobiles, detailing services, and take vehicles for safety inspections

  • Need something else, let us know and we can design a custom plan just for you.  Contact Us

State-of-the-Art Reporting

West Maui Property Services uses the newest technology to ensure that you are kept up to date in near real time of our visits to your home. We use a GPS-enabled reporting system that notifies you when we are at your property and sends you the results of our findings, based on a customized checklist that we have put together with you. For more information on this reporting system and how it works, feel free to watch this informative video.

We are your go-to people for any issue, concern or emergency that arises at your home here in West Maui.  We are centrally located in Honokowai which means that we are within a 15 minute drive to most properties in West Maui.

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West Maui Property Services
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